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We haven’t been manufacturing trolleys and light electric trucks since 1958 just because we can. The real reason is that we’ve seen a need for our solutions. That’s a significant difference. Naturally, we’ve got the craftsmanship. You can be sure of that. This means we have a shared history with our customers. We’re not only specialists in our products – we’re also specialists in your everyday work situation.

How did it all start?

Helge Nyberg with his picking trolley

In 1958, Helge Nyberg was an employee at Volvo’s parts warehouse in Ulricehamn, Sweden. He was sure there must be a way of rationalising the order picking process.
He drew a design for a trolley equipped with steps and an order holder. The trolleys built over the following years are still operating at many of our customers’ premises.

Helge Nyberg has since become a specialist company that manufactures and develops trolleys and electrical trucks under the name of Ergobjörn – a brand that is well-known worldwide among companies performing in-house material handling in warehousing and logistics applications.

The picture above shows
the very first Helge Trolley.